The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.06 "The Art of War" Review

 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.06 The Art of War ReviewTonight's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills served us the Kyle and Camille drama as the main dish this week, but did anyone else get a bit overstuffed from the barrage of dramatics coming from the two women?

The Dinner Party Massacre

As stated last week, we will never know what really was uttered between Camille and Kyle during that now infamous conversation, but viewers will always have plenty to speculate on. While everyone else has already picked sides, it's still hard for this reviewer to do so due to Kim's apparent involvement, which was hinted at last week.

When Kyle looked for her sister to back her up in from Camille's attack, Kim opted out and didn't want any part of it. In most situations, Kim's actions could be seen in two different lights, the first being a bit too telling of what really went down and the second being a bit obvious in that Kim is a bit of a coward. Let's look at the former first.

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