True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 "It Hurts Me Too" Review

Well this season has definately started out with a BANG! And it just keeps getting better. Tonight on True Blood the episode started right were it left off last week, with Sookie firing at the werewolf. But on tonight's opening, Eric dove for it and intercepted it, and then killed the werewolf himself.

There was also lot of talk to Bill about making Sookie undead with Lorena and Russell. But Bill doesn't want to turn Sookie into an undead and it carries too many bad memories, of which we saw plenty this week.

There were alot of smaller plot lines that I could go into tonight but I thought that I would focus on the most important and most entertaining aspect of tonight's show. And it had to have been in regards to Bill.

Bill decided to play along with Russell in order to save Sookie. He renounced his loyalty to the Queen and pledged his fealty to Russell. In the end, however, the hour came back to Lorena, the catalyst to so much of Bill's problems. But he ends up telling her, he'll never love her, he bites her, they have norotic sex, and in a final twist, here it comes.......... he twists her head 180 degrees while continuing to copulate. Fade out with her cry to "William" that she still loves him.

I just got into this show this season and have been blown away. Can't wait for next week.


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