Top Moments: Hawaii Five-0's Molotov Cocktail Party, Dancing's Bulletproof Bristol

Here are our top TV moments of the week:

12. "Oh No She Di'nt" Award: Laguerta knew she was in some deep doo-doo after her last sting operation on Dexter resulted in the death of civilians. But rather than nut up and take responsibility for her actions, she suggests to Deb that they pin the blame on Manzone because her career would be least affected. Deb isn't having it, so Laguerta decides to throw Deb under the bus and get Manzone to back her story to the chief.

11. Most Engaging Day: After sleeping through their start time, Amazing Racers Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith seemed in store for a pretty bad leg until the short-fused Chad decides to pop the question mid-leg to his gal pal of six months with his late mother's ring. She says yes and they finish the leg in first place for the first time, winning a trip to Belize. And they lived happily ever after... until the next leg.

10. Best Means of Research: When a young girl is believed to be infected with smallpox after coming in contact with an artifact from a Dutch slave ship on House, the curmudgeonly doc thinks fast to find a translator to decipher the original captain's log from the ship for clues. Rather than find a translator in the hospital at the late hour, he goes for the next best thing: Skyping with a Dutch Internet call girl to read the log to the team. Problem-solving at its best.

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