'Bones' recap: Like Murder for Chocolate

Yowza! "The Babe in the Bar" was my favorite episode so far this season, though not because of its body-of-the-week. (Is that ever the fun part of an episode of Bones?) No, instead of the body in the chocolate bar, what was really fun about this week's episode was all the little running jokes. Bones saying "yowza," Cam having a sense of humor, Vincent being...Vincent, everyone's terrible job acting surprised for Angela and Hogdins -- I could watch those parts all day long. But I can't be the only fan who knew, as soon as he walked on screen, that it was the young chocolate "scientist" who killed the woman, right? (My notes here seriously say "young guy totes did it/maybe gf?") Being able to solve the case in the first minute of the episode liberated me to enjoy the silly banter and warm vibes that are the best part of this show, anyway.

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