'30 Rock' recap: Microwave Goodbye

Jack spent his Princeton years hard at work, speaking every word of the English language so that the perfect American accent could be preserved in case of nuclear war. The writers discovered Jack's voice on pronuncify.com ("Those bastards!") after hearing just a few words. The voice was almost as distinct as Jenna's overdramatic pronunciation of charade. "America. Whiskey. Liberal. Lemon, Lesbian Frankenstein wants her shoes back." Yep. Definitely Donaghy.

Much to my delight, Jack's voice was also used for Thomas the Tank Engine! (Yay, Alec Baldwin's strange career.) But much to Jack's horror, it was also the voice of the new TK 451 microwave model -- the most successful GE product of its kind in five years. Jack, who had been removed from microwave detail, did everything in his power short of killing Kenneth to find a flaw in the machine. (According to the episode's brilliant Animal House-esque tag, "Kenneth died briefly on Jack's balcony. He came back with a message from God, that he has forgotten.") Ultimately, Jack's own voice cut him off during his presentation to the microwave tech guys. "My legacy here is...." "Stop. Over. Done. End. Stop." He couldn't revive the past. And neither, as it turned out, could Lemon.

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