'Fringe': Lance Reddick dishes on tonight's Broyles-centric episode, and how the real-life 'Donnie Brasco' inspires him


With Fringe closing in on a major turning point in its Crisis On Infinite Earths (Or Just Two) storyline, and with the J.J. Abrams sci-fi series signaling that it’s about to push into a new layer of mystery mythology (Who are "The First People?" Are they connected to The Observer? Is Sam Weiss one of them? I want to know!), tonight’s new episode lays the groundwork for the midseason denoument by showcasing Phillip Broyles. Not the "our world" Special Agent Broyles, the charismatic Don’t mess with me suit that leads the FBI’s hush-hush EWRT Fringe division hidden away in a Harvard laboratory. No, tonight we’re going "over there" and digging into Colonel Broyles, the charismatic, Don’t mess with me military man who leads the very public, EWRT Fringe division located at the base of the Statue of Liberty. (Note: EWRT = Emergency Weirdness Response Team. Every world needs one, including our own, especially given the baffling and threatening reality-eroding situation currently facing our culture.)

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