MISFITS “Episode 2? Review

Misfits Season 2 Episode 2 - Episode 2

Superhero clichés, eat your hearts out. The second episode of Misfits did not just weave a new plotline into the mix; it started a whole new tapestry when Nathan’s long lost brother Jamie (Sam Keeley) arrives at the community center to inadvertently change the lives of Nathan and the gang forever.

I never thought I would get such a kick out of seeing Robert Sheehan lather himself up with sun tan lotion in slow motion, but then I never imagined this episode of Misfits, which started off as a tiresome clichéd bromance between two long lost brothers and the shared angst they felt over their father’s complete and utter douchebaggery, would turn into one of the smartest, tensest episodes I’ve seen this Fall.

Amazingly, Misfits, a show about kids with superpowers, rarely resorts to actual action to ignite the tension. The characters are so real and layered that basically anything troubling them, troubles me. When Jamie passes pills out to the gang, I was concerned for their health. When he made a point about giving Kelly two pills, I figured she would find herself in a spot of bother, Jamie would prove himself to be a wasteful idiot and Nathan would show his love for Kelly by rescuing her, or some such typical nonsense.

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