GREY’S ANATOMY “Slow Night, So Long” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 9 - Slow Night, So Long

This week’s Grey’s Anatomy finds Yang still a mess, Avery turning into a mess, and the attendings getting messy drunk. It may also be the first time we have seen the residents working the late night shift without any attendings besides Owen.

As I said last time, and probably the time before that, they have got to do something with Yang. Is this the new way that Grey’s handles their characters? Are the writers set on creating some traumatic event every season that will lead at least one, but probably more, character down a spiraling path of depression, insanity, and addiction? Haven’t we seen this many times before? I believe it has occurred with Meredith, Owen, Karev, Izzy, and more recently, Derek, Lexi and now Yang and perhaps Avery. Enough! Can’t these characters get back to their careers and their lives? Isn’t there enough drama surrounding patients, procedures, skills, balancing work and personal lives to carry us through? I really just want to get back to medicine. I also really want Yang to get back to medicine. It was ridiculous to have her get a job tending bar at Joe’s and even more ridiculous for her to drink so much on her first night that she gets fired and ends up giving lap dances to a bachelor party. Then Derek offers advice such as "keep having fun." He is not even qualified to give advice. Yes, he went through the same trauma, but not exactly. He was shot. Yang was held at gunpoint while trying to save his life. Is one more traumatic than the other? Not necessarily, however, I do not think someone who barely got himself together is the one that should be interfering. Heck, if not for Meredith putting her foot down, Derek would still be driving 120 miles an hour on the freeway. Shouldn’t someone put their foot down with Yang? Or at least get her some counseling?

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