'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' See Drama in New York, and Also a Play

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' See Drama in New York, and Also a Play

How could we forget last week? Well, in the words of Christina Aguilera, star ofBurlesque, "it keeps gettin' better." Hide the remote, otherwise it's going straight into the TV!

Camille, who kind of looks like Skeletor, lures Kyle into an argument, then backs out of it, saying she won't allow the other Housewives to "bait me into any kind of argument." Then Kyle brings Kim into it, who freezes up and can't even confirm that Kyle didn't say the "why would anyone be interested in you" comment. 
Camille opens it up to the group, "so nobody in this room has said anything about me being insecure?" Taylor admits to it, bringing up the conversation she and Kim had in the airport. Camille gets upset because maybe they talked about her on the plane? She leaves the restaurant saying, "I'm sorry you guys feel that way." Ohhhhh I hate that!
Then Kim turns it back on Taylor! Why? Why can't we just agree that Camille is acting loony and enjoy the rest of the meal? Taylor threatens to go "Oklahoma" on Kim's ass, and Kim tells Taylor not to upset her. What is going on? Did the ugly energy just spiral around the table?
"I'm hating this," Kyle says. Us, too! Kyle breaks into tears and Kim, ever socially awkward, only makes everything worse. Lisa and Taylor take Kyle away from the table, presumably leaving Kim with the check. No one finished their tapas!

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