'Grey's Anatomy' Season 7, Episode 9 Recap (VIDEO)

Cristina tries her hand at bartending.It's all about the night shift this week on 'Grey's Anatomy;' all the attendings are off celebrating Derek's new grant and all the residents had to deal with the drama back at Seattle Grace. It's good to know that apparently other attendings exist in this hospital outside of the main cast.

Cristina has moved from randomly throwing a house-warming party, to becoming a bartender. She's taking a slow progression to recovery, but the best part of the progress was watching Derek act like an older brother for her; watching from the bar, making sure that she was okay until Owen showed up was chivalrous.

How is Dr. Stark a doctor in Seattle Grace? As a teaching school, Stark should not only have the patience to deal with inexperienced residents, but also have higher standards. Bailey may be known as the Nazi, but she has respect and high hopes for all her residents. She keeps an eye on them, while Stark was out to dinner. The Chief, who actually acted like a chief in this episode, even looked to give a nod of approval to Meredith and Alex while Stark turned red in the face.

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