Stewart Jokes Glenn Beck Is In Fact George Soros' Puppet (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Mocks 'Puppet Master' on 'Daily Show'

Why is Glenn Beck so obsessed with George Soros? He recently called him the "Puppet Master" and spent three full episodes detailing a conspiracy that Soros is creating a far-left shadow government. Jon Stewart mocked the assertion on 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM). He turned the tables on the conservative commentator with "Glenn Beck: The Manchurian Lunatic," a reference to the book/film about a brainwashed political assassin.

Surrounded by hanging puppets, Stewart said creepily, "Once I realized that Glenn Beck is George Soros' puppet, suddenly everything started to make sense ... But don't take my word for it, take Glenn Beck's words."

Stewart rolled a montage of Beck quotes, including, "I am stirring up fear in the country ... I am not an expert. I'm stupid. I don't know anything [and] I'm a madman." Yeah, in that context (or lack thereof), these words do sound like the musings of a brainwashed political puppet like the Manchurian Candidate.

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