Jim Carrey's Singing Shatters a Coffee Mug on 'Late Show' (Sort of) (VIDEO)

Jim Carrey's Singing Shatters a Coffee Mug on 'Late Show' (Sort of)

Singing is big these days. Well, actually, singing has always been kind of "big," since it's a universal human activity dating back to the start of recorded time. But singing on TV is currently hip, due to the success of 'Glee,' and other shows; shows like, well ... okay -- basically it's just because of 'Glee.'

On the new 'Late Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS), comedian Jim Carrey tried branching out into a vocal career, with mixed results. "I've been tryin' to learn how to sing!" he said. "'Cause it's a sensation!" Next, the comic launched into a rendition of the classic 80s song 'Take on Me.'

Jim screeched such lyrics as "I'll be coming for your love -- okay?" But it was definitely not okay -- as David Letterman's horrified reaction showed. Dave soon had another reason to back away in fear. By the end of the song, Carrey's off-key vocal stylings caused a coffee mug to shatter (sort of).

It has been shown that a trained human voice can break china or glass, but that wasn't what happened with Carrey. He took the direct approach -- just grabbing the mug and smashing it against Dave's desk. This occurred as Jim reached the song's crescendo, shrieking the words "I'll BE go-ooone/ In a day or two-ooooooooo!" A day or two? Will it take as long as that? Maybe he could leave now -- or at least, stop with the singing.

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