'The Office' Season 7, Episode 9 Recap

Ryan's website WUPHF.com on 'The Office'

Tonight we had one of those "nothing more to see here folks, go back to your homes" kind of episodes. There were three stories, but none of them really worked very well.That's kind of a surprise, given the fact that we had a "Jim bored in the office" story for the first time in forever. Jim's actually been motivated to work lately, given the fantastic commissions Sabre offers. So when he learned that those commissions were capped, you'd think that he'd start with the office hijinks. He did, but only to a point.The episode's focus, of course, was about Michael's relationship with Ryan, one of the great failed hucksters on TV. And, if an 'Office' fan is going to get anything out of this episode, it might be that Michael's burgeoning maturity saved him and a small set of his staff from going completely broke due to one of Ryan's bright ideas.

Actually, WUPHF.com was a good idea, at least in the way that Oscar envisioned it. A system that alerts all your e-mail, phones, and social media accounts would be a great campus warning system. "I don't want to be an online campus rape whistle," said Ryan. He's in love with the flashiness of the concept. Though I'm sure if he actually brought the idea to market, Google would have either bought them or sued them. However, he'd need more than 9 days of capital to do that.

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