Blink! Interesting Title for this episode! But I loved it!

I recently became an addiciting fan of Grey's Anatomy and found myself completely in love with the characters and the dialogue.

I have to say this episode showed how great Grey's Anatomy can be with the drama, suspence and twists.

Christina Christina! We all knew she loved cardio and strives to be the top cardio surgeon. Even to give up her relationship with Owen! Her instincts sure showed her priorites and well that's what makes Christina - Chrisina!

Where's the drama between Merideth and Derek! They are just getting along too perfectly. There post it marriage is doing great..but lets admit it..too great. Its why we as viewers watch shows like Grey's Anatomy. We dont always want to see the perfect couple, it can get boring!

And at the end who would have guessed that Alex and Lexie would dirty the sheets. I liked her with Mark Sloan and have a feeling that this wont go very far. In the trailer however I did see that Katherine Heigl is back in the upcoming episode! Drama Drama! Got to love it!


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