The Real Housewives of New Jersey - 2.16 Season 2 Episode 16 "The Heads of Family Will Roll" Review

Well it was the night of "sit-downs" which brought me back to the first season's finale. But the drama from the first season's finale was highly more jaw dropping then tonight's. There have been some great episodes this season especially when Teresa and Ashley chased Danielle down at Kim's fashion show. But I was glad that they returned from Italy with hopes that more drama would unfold.

The family sat down tonight like something out of the God Father and brought up the issue of Danielle which seems to be the only topic that interests them even though they have stressed how they are not talking about her in their lives any longer. Regardless, Caroline wants to know how everyone wants to deal with it.

You have to admire Caroline, she definitely has a lot of class and is one outstanding parent to her children. It must be hard to be protrayed in that light when on a reality show so I give her a standing ovation for her presence and the way she consistently acts. But in the end tonight she meets up with Danielle for a sit down. To try to make all these problems go away. She asks Danielle to drop the charges against Ashley. Which is fair and gutsy.

Some may have been expecting more out of this meeting but I didn't. Its Caroline, she holds her own well and doesn't let someone like Danielle rip the class out of her. I give tonight a 4 out of 5, only because the first was that much more amazing.


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Aug 28, 2010 12:00AM EDT

ummm despite Carolyn's protestations of DIGNITY, in the end SHE ended up looking like a classless woman for the way she handled the situation... name calling? Hello? Me thinks she needs to look in the mirror - with all that makeup OFF. Danielle comes out on top.

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