SMALLVILLE “Patriot” Review

Smallville Season 10 Episode 9 - Patriot

Oliver decides to go in undercover to the Vigilante Registration Act, or, as Lois puts it, "a steaming pile of Spanish Inquisition." It was quite a political episode with Captain Saul, sorry, I mean, Colonol Slade comparing superheroes to Hitler and Hussein, the government locking up superheroes under the pretense of defense, not to mention future-Aquaman, Arthur Curry, and his wife’s destruction of a holding facilities for superheroes. Smallville is treading plenty of allegorical waters.

Aquaman’s wife Mira is impressively busty, a lucky distraction from her acting. She splits from Aquaman and Clark, who search for Oliver, who has been taken off the grid.

Oliver offers to be the poster body for the VRA, but he refuses to bring other superheroes into the mix. Unsurprisingly, Slade goes to some nasty lengths to entice him to do just that. Can I just say how delighted I am to see Michael Hogan back on my screen? He was generally slimy but good in Battlestar Galactica, and here he’s gone to just good old slimy evil as he tries to break down Aquaman and Oliver.

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