BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Knights of Tomorrow” Review


‘Best….Batman….Ever!" said my eight-year-old son loudly after "Knights of Tomorrow," the most recent episode of "BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD." And if not the best, it was certainly one of the show’s best installments.

The opening, with just Batman seen on a video screen and starring The Question, infiltrating the fire-pitted planet Apokolips, with mention of Darkseid (never seen) was enough to make any DC Comics fan of Jack Kirby’s fantastic Fourth World go bonkers. Plus Kalibank and Para-Demons and then, mention of evil plans for earth, foreshadowing an episode that’s coming up? What an open.

The main story started out as a wonderful homage to Batman history. This show soooo gets it: The images of the Batman outfit of his debut in 1939, then the arrival of Robin, with a scene mirroring the cover of that comic book in1940 (Detective No.38); the Batman/Catwoman – Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle relationship (that sure looked like Clark Kent and Lois Lane at the wedding) also well done. A son named Damian was definite nod to the current comics, where Bruce Wayne has had a son Damian with Talia, daughter of nemesis Ra’s al Ghul and he’s now the current Robin, with Dick Grayson, ex-Robin, ex-Nightwing as a new Batman because Bruce was thought dead, but was really lost in time, though now he’s just come back (Confused? Don’t worry about. So are many comic book readers right now).

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