SANCTUARY “Animus” Review

Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 6 - Animus

This week’s episode of Sanctuary was heavily centered around Henry and his journey to find his people with the occasional break through to Magnus and Tesla trying to crack the code of the "city" sent to Helen by her father.

I am honestly not sure how I felt about this episode. It was interesting to find out that there are more lychens/werewolves/HAPs out there so Henry isn’t the last of his kind. However, the journey in reaching that knowledge felt a bit cliche. A facility that purports to be a safe house for hundreds of lychens thought to be extinct that is really run by a woman set on controlling the lychens at a high cost seemed to echo almost every thriller movie that has been released recently. If you have to give your patients drugs to make them the "monsters" you are claiming that they are, wouldn’t you stop to think that maybe you were wrong? How awful of a person must you be to intentionally give your own kind drugs to make them killers and then randomly unleash them on other patients, and potentially the world, just to keep control over your "family"?

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