HOUSE “Small Sacrifices” Review

House Season 7 Episode 8 - Small Sacrifices

The existence of God and the value of honesty are debated once again while some chickens come home to roost and others fly the coop in the "Small Sacrifices" episode of HOUSE.

The crucifixion reenactment is quite creepy. It’s odd that I can watch Kill Bill without blinking an eye, but that makes me shudder. This isn’t exactly our first time watching House go up against someone devout, and it also isn’t the best–it is much too shallow a treatment tonight, but the patient does get a few good jabs in, and someone willing to be nailed to a cross every year certainly is original. "You‘re either crazy or you’re atoning and crazy." I think it was too obvious early on that House would eventually save the patient by lying to him and the X-ray show at the end falls flat.

Martha Masters fades into th background this week, though she does get a reality check about how her honesty could have killed the patient. I hope the writers keep Masters drama-free for a while yet because there’s enough going on around her.

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