THE SIMPSONS “The Fool Monty” Review

The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 6 - The Fool Monty

Mr Burns is dead. Or at least, that’s what everyone but our favorite yellow family assumes. At the Secret Conclave of America’s Media Empires, the joint empires decide to introduce a new pandemic into the United States. I loved their gag with the try-anything NBC who are injected with serum and die. So with Apocalypse Meow and the Purrfect Storm brewing around the country, antidotes are scarce and Mr Burns takes all of Springfield’s, for himself, Mr Smithers, and his hounds, leaving the rest of the town to rot.

Aside from the valuable one-liners and catalyst for good plots, Mr Burns has rarely been my favorite character, but this episode was quite funny as respected people come from all over the globe to spit in and dance on his grave after a suicide and baby turtle-cide attempt went awry and he ended up banging his head and retains the mentality of a child.

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