AMERICAN DAD “White Rice” Review

American Dad! Season 6 Episode 5 - White Rice

What if you could hypnotize your spouse to forget all of the bad things, the issues, the arguments, and only remember the good things and also share your love for Emilio Estevez? Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, except for the Emilio Estevez part. However, in this week’s episode of American Dad, Stan finds out that it would have been much easier to just talk things through.

Every year Francine confronts Stan about her father’s advancing age and about discussing moving her parents to town. Every year, Stan and Francine get in a fight and Francine goes across the street to the neighbors, strips, jumps in their hot tub, and complains until Stan comes over and offers to go to counseling. The neighbors are puzzled as to why Francine doesn’t remember this yearly occurrence. The reason is Jason Alexander. Or at least a therapist voiced by him. Stan has convinced the therapist to give Francine "an annual tune up" with a list of things to make her forget and things to make her love. Sounds ingenious, doesn’t it? It would probably still be continuing had Stan only bought that therapist a sandwich.

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