Underworld 4 Will Be A New Dawn

Underworld 4 Will Be A New Dawn

It's possible that you're completely unaware that the series has gone this far, but the fourth movie in the Underworld franchise is already upon us, and it now has a tentative title: New Dawn.

Two words that seem to sum up the suspected reboot then, since this will almost certainly be Kate Beckinsale's last outing in the PVC. Part four will set up slinky vampire Seline's offspring as the new centre.

Set fifteen years after Underworld: Evolution (Rise of the Lycans was a prequel, remember), New Dawn apparently sees Seline waking from a coma to find that she has a daughter. She's called Nissa (which, depending on your age, will either immediately remind you of Blade 2 or 1980s Doctor Who) and she's a vampire/werewolf hybrid, since her father was Scott Speedman's Michael. You remember that rather sudden tryst between Michael and Seline in the back of the van in Evolution, don't you? Pay attention at the back.

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