CHASE “Crazy Love” Review

Chase Season 1 Episode 9 - Crazy Love

In this episode Annie and the team are chasing a guy who is crazy in love – or maybe just plain crazy. After killing his teenage girlfriend’s father, he keeps doing more and more things to keep the girl with him – promising to take her away to California, getting her a convertible, getting matching tattoos and even asking her to marry him.

Normally you think of rapists and kidnappers as guys who drag women off against their will, kicking and screaming. It was more disturbing though to watch a guy get a girl to go with him so willingly. In the beginning, Annie and the team aren’t even sure if they’re trying to catch ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ or a kidnapper. To watch this guy so easily manipulate this girl, it made me scared for all teenage girls out there.

This was a pretty good episode overall and I like that it didn’t include any unnecessary tension either between Annie and Jimmy after their recent butting of heads, or Luke and Daisy after their recent night together. It was just a good old fashioned chase and I think that’s where the strength of this show lies right now. When they concentrate on the cases and on keeping the interesting bits to things like figuring out new ways to track down criminals (as in the conversation Annie and Corrina had on the girl’s blog), the show is great.

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