HAWAII FIVE-0 “Hao Kanaka” Review

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 10 - Hao Kanaka

We finally get to meet Danny’s elusive ex-wife Rachel in this episode, which was great. Until now she’s only been on the other end of a phone or text, and from every conversation we’ve seen Danny have with the woman, I was expecting something with fangs and maybe a witch’s hat. Turns out she’s not only human, she’s also beautiful and British. The first thing that ran through my mind when I saw her was how in the world the two of them met, so it was nice to hear Danny’s story about how that happened.

Then we were just left with how they ever got along, considering how they don’t seem much alike at all, plus why it ended between them. When I saw how upset Rachel got over seeing Danny in the killers’ house by himself, I did begin to understand how things went wrong. It can’t be easy for the wife of a police officer, especially with a little girl at home, to constantly worry about whether or not her husband is going to make it home every night.

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