Hawaii Five-0 1.10 “Hao Kanaka” Review

 Hawaii Five 0 1.10 Hawaii Five-0 initially appealed to me because it appeared to be the perfect replacement for Burn Notice (as they’re both shows about three men and a woman who bend the rules to fight crime) during the period of time that the USA show was off the air. However, now that Burn Notice has returned and Hawaii Five-0 is ten episodes into its run, I seem to find myself enjoying the newcomer much more than I ever would’ve expected at first. Especially when compared to Burn Notice’s most recent offerings - which I’d describe as haphazard at best.

Honestly, I’m not somebody that’s usually drawn to formulaic cop procedurals...but somehow Hawaii Five-0’s formula has really grown on me, even if it is a tiny bit predictable. This week’s offering (‘Hao Kanaka’) was a solid episode that provided a decent story and a little more focus on Five-0’s most interesting character, Danny Williams (Scott Caan).

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