Chuck 4.09 "Chuck vs Phase Three" Recap

 Chuck 4.09 Chuck vs Phase Three Recap"Chuck vs Phase Three" begins with Chuck and Sarah making out in bed.  Sarah stops and coos that what she really wants from Chuck, is for him to flash.  Is she sure, Chuck wonders.  Wouldn't she rather continue kissing...or talk...or something?  She's sure, but when Chuck can't flash, she rolls over with a curt, "Never mind."  A voice stirs to Chuck's other side.  It's Lester!  He tells Chuck not to worry about his presence because this whole scene is in his head.  It has to be because does Chuck really think he'd be able to keep a girl like Sarah without flashing?  Chuck freaks out, as the scene blurs and reforms with Chuck asleep, strapped to a chair and with brain sensors attached to his head.  The Belgian and his scientist, Dr. Miller, are trying to get Chuck to flash by prodding him with visions of people important to him.  Dr. Miller believes if Chuck's anxiety level is properly raised, his brain will have to flash, and nothing makes him more anxious than Sarah.

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