How I Met Your Mother 6.10 "Blitzgiving" Review

 How I Met Your Mother 6.10 Blitzgiving Review "AW MAN!"

Welcome to "Blitzgiving!"

Tonight’s episode of How I Met your Mother wasn’t the traditional slapsgiving our favorite gang usually has, but it was hilarious.

On tonight’s episode, we met the Blitz (wonderfully played by LOST alum Jorge Garcia), an old college roommate of Marshall and Ted. The Blitz, like Hurley on LOST, is cursed. Every time he leaves somewhere, something wicked amazing happens and he always misses it. Unlike Hurley, this curse can be passed on and so over the course of the episode it is... to Ted and then to Barney and then back to The Blitz again. This episode also shows us how Zoey and Ted became friends.

"Blitzgiving" made me think about my friends and I the night before Thanksgiving. On the biggest drinking day of the year...there's always some type of inside joke that comes up like "The Gentlemen!" and major ridiculousness. Although, I really wish WE had a skateboarding dog.

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