The Walking Dead 1.04 "Vatos" Review

 The Walking Dead 1.04 Vatos ReviewI'm not sure what I was expecting going into "Vatos." The Walking Dead turned my expectations inside out three times before, though, so its no surprise that I came out of the episode with my mind completely blown. One would expect that from the comic creator Robert Kirkman, though, who totally delivers on all levels for this episode, as one would expect. It was the best, most balanced episode of the series thus far. There was a lot of good character moments, and there was a lot of blood.

There were two main parts to the episode: one dealt with Rick's group trying to find Merle and finding the Vatos instead, and the other dealt with the survivors at camp. The two storylines crashed together for the rousing finale. But there's one thing I absolutely must mention that I'm afraid no one else has noticed: we saw the show's first human deaths tonight. It doesn't seem like it; there's been plenty of blood to go around. But the only deaths we've seen have been those of the already dead. But with the abusive Ed being the first to go (it's nice that Kirkman chose to wipe out a character that he didn't create first) and the lovely Amy being the second, it was almost refreshing to see some real carnage. Refreshing, of course, but also devastating.

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