House: "Small Sacrifices" Review

On Dr. House's long list of people who annoy him to no end, the devoutly religious fall somewhere between authority figures and snot-nosed brats. Which is why, when the show opened with the patient-to-be recreating the Crucifixion, nails and all, it was pretty clear this would be one of those episodes where House didn't have to look far to find an enemy. I was disappointed because not only have we seen House get on his soapbox about religion before, but the patient's interactions with the doctor were about as ham-fisted as any I've seen this season. The man was dying of MS and a risky stem cell treatment might save his life. Trouble was, after his daughter was miraculously cured of cancer, the patient had devoted his life to the Lord --0 hence the Crucifixion recreation -- and felt the experimental procedure "violated God's laws." So in order to save the man's life, House did what he's been doing for years: he lied to his face.

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