'The Event' recap: This 'World' Is Not Enough

When you stop to think about it, there’s never really a convenient time to kill anyone--especially your mother. Some circumstances are better than others, however, and one that ranks pretty low on the list would be while trying to steal the key to your rocket ship from a box of liquid energy hidden in the basement of a government nuclear facility. But Thomas, the Warren Buffet wannabe leader of the Whatchamacallum sleepers, either has a different opinion on the matter, or his judgment was ridiculously impaired by a double-whammy of womanly whippedness. He’s got an emasculating mother who doesn’t believe in him -- How about Sophia's reminiscence of unsuccessfully trying to toughen up her wimpy rain-spooked son by dragging him outside during a downpour? Who taught her parenting class? -- and he’s got a smoking hot lover jonesing to be his Lady Macbeth/Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate. Meet Isabel, who over the course of 66 years of secret sleeper living, has developed a taste for Earthbound luxury by becoming a successful (i.e., cold, ruthless, bullying) corporate attorney representing soulless monolithic companies.

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