'Dexter' recap: Ticking Time Bomb

We always knew there would be a time this season when Jonny Lee Miller's Jordan Chase would move out of "quiet looming threat" status into a full-fledged villain. At the end of episode 9, here we are -- has the color returned to anyone's knuckles yet? (Probably not.) But before we get into the tense note we ended on, let's return to the beginning of the episode -- a happier time.

Well, it was happier for Jordan, anyway. The same couldn't be said for Dexter, who was running in place alongside his then assumed (and eventually confirmed) foe for a private session that was all about revealing his feelings. Had he really done so, Dexter would have told Jordan that he was only there to collect enough evidence to justify killing him. I'm sure that wouldn't have been received well.

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