'The Amazing Race' recap: Women of the World, Unite!

When Chad said, "I just don't wanna lose to a pair of girls," I realized something: I really, really, really want a pair of women to winAmazing Race this season. Yeesh, it's crazy that an all-lady team hasn't won in 16 seasons. It's even crazier when you consider the makeup of the five teams who set off for Bangladesh at the start of last night's episode. To me, Team Doctor and Team QVC represent the twin pinnacles of Race strategy. Kat and Nat are athletically fit world-travelers who thoughtfully plan out every move they make. They're not dilettantes -- Kat was willing to toss two decades of vegetarianism overboard to win a challenge -- but they have the sensibility of generous patricians. (Notice how Nat was the one person on last night's episode to address the Rickshaw builder by name.) Brook and Claire don't have their global street smarts. What they do have (or what Brook has, at least) is a boundless energy for competition and a complete inability to feel embarrassed…which is arguably a more powerful travel tool, when you're trying to convince your cabbie to drive 120 km/h down the wrong side of the street.

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