NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Accident” Review

No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 8 - 	 No Ordinary Accident

Love is in the air on NO ORDINARY FAMILY! Will (the Watcher has a name!) courts Katie. Daphne chases after Brett. After a crush on Katie last week, JJ’s kind and guilty heart moves on to save Mr. Litchfield. On tonight’s episode "No Ordinary Accident", JJ and Stephanie perform super surgery on Mr. Litchfield after he gets in a car accident. Dr. King wants Will to find out why Stephanie is studying Dr. Volson’s research. Jim’s cells are mutating due to a virus/reaction, causing him to lose his powers. Daphne continues to use her telepathy to impress Brett.

I still can’t tell if Will knows about Jim’s powers. I think so (considering last week’s episode), but why doesn’t he tell Dr. King? I would have guessed that Will feels the same way about Dr. King as Katie does about Stephanie. But seeing the last scene with Dr. King giving Will some sort of drug, it appears they have a more sinister connection. Certainly it has something to do with Will’s power and Dr. King’s secret research and sadistic power issues. I also can’t tell if anything Will says has any grain of truth to it. Is any of the background that he gives Katie real or all fiction? Katie is adorable in tonight’s episode, especially on her date. I found her constant happy bubbly quality a bit too much when No Ordinary Family first started, but am starting to warm to it and her.

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