PARENTHOOD “Happy Thanksgiving” Review

Parenthood Season 2 Episode 10 - Happy Thanksgiving

The Braverman Thanksgiving resembles a mine field with all the conflict and drama, but all’s well that ends well in the "Happy Thanksgiving" episode of PARENTHOOD.

Wow, does this episode capture the pitfalls–and joys–of gathering with family or what? This is a well-paced, emotionally involving, funny episode that does an excellent job weaving storylines together.

Oh, please let this be the end of Gordon. He’s wreaked enough havoc and been unforgivably boring in the process. I’m impressed at how restrained Adam was–"important phone call from the hair gel trade"-type jabs notwithstanding, and at how long he lasted before finally letting Sarah know what a jackass Gordon is. Thank goodness Sarah didn’t take Gordon up on that charming offer to meet him on the road to "stay connected." Is that what the kids are calling it these days? There is some excellent work from both Peter Krause and Lauren Graham.

We go from stalking, rage-filled Zeek last week to empathetic awesome grandfather Zeek this week. I much prefer this version–he listens to Drew and talks to him like he’s a person. He does what Sarah should have done and gets Seth to call his son. I also kind of love his sad and cringetastic attempt to love life advice from a teenager and the way he approaches Camille at the end. It’s completely inappropriate of course, but completely in character. Drew had actual lines tonight!

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