'The Good Wife' review: Alicia and the dangers of cell-phone romance

Talk about Thanksgiving stuffing: Last night’s episode of The Good Wife was so loaded with plot points and character details, I’m going to a handy bullet-point format.

• To skip to the end right away: While poring over wiretap tapes for a case, Alicia just happens to overhear Will discussing with a friend his beginning-of-season-two phone messages he left on Alicia’s phone. The friend (Mykelti Williamson as Alderman Wade) tells Will, "Go to her now and [say] the same thing in person." Which, of course, he did not. And it was the second, professing-his-love message that Eli Gold had erased. Alicia kept the first one — "saved 123 days ago," we see on her phone screen — but didn’t know of Will’s true, complete sentiments. Deducing that he’d said something meaningful to her, Alicia practically has a panic attack (very un-Alicia-like — brava to Julianna Margulies in executing this scene) and staggered into Will’s office to clear things up and possibly propose they run away from all this madness … but then Elizabeth Reaser’s "Baby, Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me" Tammy emerged to squelch any Alicia-Will communication. What a wonderful bummer.

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