THE EVENT “Your World to Take” Review

The Event Season 1 Episode 9 - Your World to Take

Thomas has had enough of his domineering mother, the Vice President wakes up, and Dempsey sends a man after Leila – but why?

I missed a memo this week. The first one reminded me that The Event had aired this week (hence the late review). The second told me to give a damn about the events of this episode. Don’t get me wrong, as far as this show goes, this week’s episode was pretty enjoyable. It was just a mess.

In the first ten minutes there’s an info-dump about the aliens. We’re told that they came here through a portal of some kind, that their presence will eventually affect humanity negatively, and that their homeworld is dying. What sort of ‘portal’? How will they affect humanity? Where is their homeworld and why is it in dire straits? No idea and no real reason to care, either. The aliens don’t look particularly concerned with any of it themselves, they just want to stay put.

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