Stargate Universe 2.09 "Visitation" Review

 Stargate Universe 2.09 Visitation Review

Tonight's Stargate Universe left me with a slack jaw and a "WTF?!" mentality when the executive producer credits rolled. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. The episode gave us answers on two of the long running mysteries on the show, while slightly setting up the mid-season finale for next week by using character growth as the lead. Just about everyone got a chance to shine tonight and we saw some deep character moments from the least likely of subjects.

The Story

So we finally found out what happened to Those Who Stayed Behind on the planet created by the aliens, but yet still have no clue as to what happened to them. My thoughts? The Blue Aliens Group are behind the return of the group as well as the planet they tried to call home, which begs the question: what is their endgame? If they want the Destiny, are they trying to get ahold of the message Dr. Rush discovered? What will they do with the information once they recover it?

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