90210 Season 2 Episode 21 "Javianna" Review

Well tonight on 90210 we got a few surprises and we also got to see a little bit of Jasper. It was great to see him reappear in this episode. Nothing of course amazing happened besides Annie getting closer to him and Liam seemingly getting jealous over it. You can expect him to play a large role in next week's finale. Will Jasper get crazy again over Annie?

We also see Silver break up with Teddie after his father offered her $150,000 to leave Teddie so she will no longer effect his tennis career. She didn't take the money but she did leave him after he lost one of his easier matches. This wasn't the surprise however, after Ivy breaks up with Dixon for about 5 minutes of the show, he makes out with Silver in a broom closet at Adrianna's concert! Now that was not expected to happen so soon.

The highlight tonight was Navid and his choice to chase after Adrianna by pulling out all stops by surprising her with very sentimental gifts for her after her show. But just as she enters the dressing room to see her gift, Javier wisks her to New York breaking Navid's heart. And you would think this was all this episode had to offer. Nope, Naomi finds out that her sister Jen is pregnant. This episode tonight was great for this show. Whether you are a fan or not, it was very entertaining. It actually reminded me a lot of the orginal 90210 show. Can't wait for the season finale.

Will Adrianna finally find out about Navid's mutual feelings? Will Liam act on his emotions for Annie? Will Jasper go crazy? Will Dixon confess to Ivy about him and Silver? So many questions.


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