Christina Aguilera Will Poop in a Bucket Backstage If She Has To (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera on 'Chelsea's Big Interview Special 2'

Christina Aguilera sat down with Chelsea Handler for the late-night host's second prime-time 'Big Interview Special' (Mon., 10PM ET on E!). Despite the more formal setting and slightly earlier broadcast, Handler wasn't afraid to broach the crude or taboo topics.

Aguilera joined in, casually confirming that she sometimes pees in a bucket backstage during concerts. "It happens, yes. I have no shame about peeing in a bucket -- or doing other things in a bucket -- if necessary."

She chatted further on the topic, saying, "It fascinates me ... Who has to carry it away? 'Oh, honey, I'm so sorry! Lemme give you a bonus this week!'" Handler responded, "I'm more fascinated in the fact that you're able to accomplish that [so quickly]."

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