'Two and a Half Men' Season 8, Episode 10 Recap

Perhaps they should change the name of 'Two and a Half Men' to 'Death Wish for Charlie,' because after tonight's episode, that looks like the direction the show is going in when it comes to Charlie Harper, Charlie Sheen's character. 

For all the funny business involving guest Jenny McCarthy, who was back as Courtney the con artist who ripped him off three years ago, the take-away emotion from the episode was that Charlie is hurtling into a disastrous, self-destructive relationship. It's sort of the antithesis of last year's "healthy" romance with Chelsea.

Last season's Charlie was all gung-ho about being a better man, doing right by Chelsea and actually getting married. He was very un-Charlie like and not fun. The fact that he didn't marry Chelsea was a relief because a domesticated Charlie just doesn't play. 

But do we really enjoy seeing Charlie throw caution to the wind and live life completely on the edge? The way he's been drinking and screwing this year has been over the top. In some ways, it's hilarious. In other ways, it's sad. But for much of this show, with Charlie gorging on Courtney's crazy antics, most of them were sexual, it was funny. 

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