Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 13 "Children of the Damned"

What a great episode tonight! Tonight's episode goes a lot into the past and a lot of questions we as viewers have been wondering are answered and the puzzle pieces on the resentment between Damien and Stefan goes deeper then their love for Catherine.

Not only that but Stefan discovers where the book is that will open the tomb that is currently holding Catherine and many other vamps. It was buried with his father. While he was digging up the grave, Damien came and noticed Stefan was deceiving him and took Elaina hostage in return for the book. Easily Stefan gave Damien the book and realizes their relationship as brothers was ruined solely on his actions.

The ending of this episode was unexpected and fantastic. Anna another Vamp ends up kidnapping Elaina after being invited into the Gilbert home by her brother.

We also got to see what happens next week and with the book now in Stefan's hand we can not wait to see if Catherine is ressurected. Not only that but Bonny also discovers that the bartender is a vamp.


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