The Bachelor Season 4 Episode 3 "OMG"

Well I just finished watching this new installment of the Bachelor. This show I tell you. It never fails to have an OMG moment. Last episode was crazy in itself when all over the world the blonde model got outed for her "unappropriate behavior" with a staff member? haha. I think for all of us that saw that we thought of what an embarressing moment that would be for anyone. As they say though, you make your own bed.

So I was assuming that this one would be a little bit more low key since last one was a twisty episode. But NOPE, guess again, the bachelor throws in another curve ball. You actually start feeling sorry for this guy. You can tell that he is truly trying to find love and all these ladies are starting to drop like flies. Oh By the way, Im pregnant! She looked like the innocent one that I would have chosen for the final two.

For those that have seen Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, you know that they are never dull, however, this season is already off to a great bang. Whats next, "Oh by the way I'm Married". I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out.


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