Modern Family 2.09 "Mother Tucker" Review

 Modern Family 2.09 Mother Tucker Review

This week's Modern Family, entitled "Mother Tucker," is about physical, familial and emotional boundaries, but as is often the case in the more run-of-the-mill episodes of the show, only two of the three plots really addressed the theme.  Phil clearly has no concept of the proper boundary a father is supposed to have with his high school aged daughter's boyfriend (hint: the two guys are not supposed to be friends); Claire won't respect her daughter's choice of boyfriend; and Cameron's mother Barb is completely oblivious of the physical boundary most people have about other people groping them.  Where the show strayed was in Jay's appendicitis, which Gloria thought was just him being weak or begging off a trip to the mall.  I could be missing how this plot ties into the concept of boundaries due to being distracted by thoughts of turkey and cranberry sauce, but I just didn't see how this story tied in.  Not that it matters -- it appears the decision has been made that none of these characters are going to "grow" in any particular way, with the possible exception of Jay's growing acceptance of Mitchell and Cameron's love.

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