Intervention Season 9 Episode 9 "Ryan; Jason" Review

Tonight was yet another episode that showcased not one but two stories of addicts. Last week I commented on how I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that A&E decided to focus and split the episode into two rather then an hour on one person. This definitely created an episode for the likes of any viewer. Whether you relate to alcoholic or whether you prefer to watch drug addiction.

Tonight was intense, right off the bat I predicted that this episode might just be one of those you will be talking about for a few days. Or so glad that no one you know close to you is in the same boat, and I was right. I especially liked the story about Ryan that is a heroin and Xantax abuser. His grandma was showcased a lot and you see how he constantly abuses his relationship to her to benefit his addiction. Truly a sad story.

This show has won awards and even Emmy nominations and that speaks volumes. Tonight proved that it deserves all the recognition. Shows like Intervention allow us viewers to watch real tv rather then fiction and that is why it becomes so addicting in itself. 5 stars for tonight's episode!


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