'Survivor' recap: Recapping the Recap

The Episode Formerly Known as the DreadedSurvivor Recap has become more legit ever since, I believe, Tocantins, when producers realized they were sitting on a mountain of unused footage that would be far more interesting instead. Is it as satisfying as a regular episode? No, of course not, silly. Not even close. But it's miles better than what this dead space of a week used to be, and while I won't be geeky enough to offer a full-blown recap of the recap, I will point out a few interesting things we learned from this previously unaired footage.

 producers actually did the impossible this episode: They managed to make the older tribe look even lamer and more dysfunctional than previously imaged. Straight upon hitting the beach, all the older men were arguing about how to build the shelter. Where do we put it? How do we build it? Who's the leader? Why won't Jimmy T shut up? (The best part about it? After all that, the shelter later collapsed in the middle of the night!) That's not say they weren't feelin' any love. Who knew that Jimmy Johnson and Tyrone made such great spooning partners? "I don't know about you, but I needed a cigarette when I woke up," said Tyrone. And I don’t know about you, but I now need about a case of Milwaukee's Best to completely purge the image of a spooning Jimmy Johnson from my mind.

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