'Inception' Blu-ray DVD: A sneak peek at the dreamy extras

Christopher Nolan’s Inception is the kind of movie that’s tailor-made for DVD. The plot is so twisty that I’m not ashamed to admit that my head hurt when I walked out of the theater the first time. I was a bit confused, a little frustrated, but more than anything I wanted to see it again to make sure it all added up. That’s why I’ve been counting down the days ’til its release on DVD and Blu-ray when I’d finally be able to replay some of its knottier scenes to see if all the puzzle pieces snapped into their proper place. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the film. I just wanted to get it, too.

Last week, I got my advance copy of the film in the mail — it hits shelves Dec. 7 — and after a couple more spins, I’m finally satisfied. The puzzle is complete in my brain. I can now move on to other pressing matters, like what the deal is with this Glee show everyone’s talking about? But before I do, a little something has to be said about the kick-ass extras on the Inception discs. First off, the bonus features on the standard DVD are fine. But if you’re really looking to dig into Nolan’s big British brain for juicy nuggets about the Cobol Job, you’re gonna have to spring for the Blu-ray. In fact, if you’ve been looking for a reason to upgrade from DVD to the newer technology, this may be the film that finally nudges you into busting out your wallet.

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