CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 23 "Mommie Deadest" Review

Well tonight was definately a great night of CSI Miami! It's amazing that this show still feels so fresh even though it is in its eighth season. Most shows lose most of their fans and attention around the notorious 'killer' seventh season. But definately not the case for this show.

Tonight we got to watch a creative and suspenseful episode that has the team looking into a suburban family that has a lot of dark secrets. The mother was brutally murdered and of course they start by looking at those closest to her. The father played by a previous neighbor and star of Desperate Housewives has to face that due to his lack of being a good and supportive father to his children, his son had to resort into murdering his own mother.

In a heartfelt and emotional confession to Horatio the boy admits that he did it. Just when we think that the show is closing up. A bomb goes off that is going to change and split up the team in next weeks episode. Great cliff hanger. In the trailer we see Wolf getting arrested. So I give tonight a 4.5 out of 5!


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