Recap The Young & The Restless: Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jack sets Abby up with Vance Abrams in order to help her get her trust out from under Victor. Abby is not thrilled about the idea of working with Vance, but Jack and Vance win her over. Later, Victor is served with Abby’s lawsuit papers.

Ronan and Meeks hear Chance on the phone talking to the reporter. Meeks starts to move towards the voices with his gun drawn. When they don’t find Chance, Ronan realizes that this is a set-up. Chloe is hurt and offended when Chance immediately assumes she was the one who tipped Ronan off about where he was. Chance is stunned when Chloe sets him straight informing him that Heather was the one who told Ronan. Meanwhile, Ronan finally meets with the dirty cops on the G.C.P.D. as they plan to take Chance out. During an argument, Chloe reveals to Ronan she has feelings for him. Ronan and Chloe make love. 

J.T. agrees to help Ashley and Tucker in the venture to acquire information on Newman Enterprises as long as he can do it his way. Tucker is thrilled to hear that Abby is moving forward with her lawsuit against Victor. Later, Mac is shocked and disappointed when she learns J.T. agreed to help Ashley and Tucker.

Billy is visited by his conscience, John. John gives Billy a much needed pep talk before sending him home to face Victoria. Later, Billy asks Victoria to marry him.

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