American Idol Season 9 Episode 40 "Top Three Perform" Review

Tonight on American Idol we saw the top three perform two songs a piece. I have been a die hard Crystal Bowersox fan after my first choice Andrew Garcia started at the top and fell disgracefully. However, after tonight I definately have changed my mind yet again this season. And I have fallen for Lee Dewyze who I believe will take this year's crown and leave the other two in the dust.

The first song each of the competition had to chose was their own song choice. The second was a song choosen by the judges. Lee sang one of my all time favorite songs, Simple Man by Lynard Skynard. And round one went to him after Crystal's 'Come to Me' by Melissa Ethridge and Casey's 'Ok, It's Alright With Me' didn't quite hit the same mark.

I found myself thinking at this point, ok Crystal is going to blow it out of the water next round. But after singing "Hallelujah!" there wasn't a chance in hell the other two were going to catch up to Lee. Even the judges agreed that it was his night tonight. It is pretty clear that Casey will probably be the one sent home tomorrow night but then again Crystal was in the bottom two with Mike last week. What a great show tonight, "Hallelujah!"


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