Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 23 "Sanctuary Part One of Season Finale" Review

Tonight on the first half of Grey's Anatomy I was literally captivated and stuck to my chair with the feeling that I am watching this amazing block buster hit that I have been waiting months for. I was expecting the season finale to be great but tonight I was reminded how this show has to be one of if not the top show on television. It brought me back to why I was so addicted in the first place.

There weren't a lot of sneak peeks for tonight's finale and it made it that much more exciting and suspenseful! If you haven't seen it yet, please stop reading now and watch it so I don't spoil anything for you. We learn that Merideth is pregnant in the first half. She tells Christina of course, and is about to tell Derek when he was in his office but it didn't seem to be the right time.

You will remember Mr. Clark from previous episodes this season. He is the gentlemen that is currently suing Derek and the hospital for killing his wife. Derek had told them she had no life left and unplugged the machine. Well he is out for revenge tonight. As he creeps through the hospital picking off people that are surgeons or are just plain rude.

He stars by killing Reid. The girl from Mercy West, short, just slept with McSteamy. And shoots Karev. Karev is badly injured and laying in the elevator all bloody when Little Grey and Mark find him there. They desperately try to save his life but since the hospital is on lockdown there is no chance of getting him into an OR.

Clark ventures around the hospital looking for Derek (mainly), Little Grey, and Webber. He find Bailey and Dr. Percy (also from Mercy West) and shoots Percy because he admits he is a surgeon. Bailey is held at gun point but after she says she is a nurse, Clark walks away and doesn't shoot her.

Merideth tries desperately to find Derek, and her and Christina find him in the main entrance being held by Clark at gun point. Regardless of getting into all the details because I would be here all night, he gets shot and it doesn't look good. This is where the first hour ends with Derek's eyes closing.

I had to catch my breath on this part. I could not believe that it ended there but then I was so relieved that there was yet another hour to this finale! Thank Goodness for that!


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